Our days are 8 hours, half day is 4 hours, and you can also book by the hour - minimum three hours. I can do longer days, but that will be charged at the hourly rate after 8 hours. Session start times to be negotiated. 

Please call or email for best rates. 

*I strongly advise you to buy your own hard drive, especially if you're recording at a high sample rate. A 1tb drive will cost you around £80, and even if you're not making an album, it's a good way to keep all your audio in case you want to re-mix, or add to it later.
*I can arrange for the piano to be tuned before your session if required (I won't charge you any more than it costs me!)
*Please see our
gear list page for the studio's equipment, I do have access to further equipment, subject to availability and possibly a hire charge. Drop me a line for more info

* If we need to save or transfer files, please allow time in your session for this. If you're unsure what this entails, please drop us a line and we'd be happy to talk you through it.
*Dry hire can be arranged -
please call
*and of course, tea and coffee are completely free of charge!


I will need to take a non-refundable deposit on all studio bookings upon confirmation of dates.
7 days notice to cancel a session, depending on the type of booking. Thanks for your understanding on this matter!!

If you are a company, please call to discuss terms.


*why not book in your pre-production time here too and save money on rehearsal costs. Drop us a line to discuss further
*I have a wealth of contacts and can arrange almost any type of session musician you might need
*I can also produce your music if required, price negotiable
* Pro-tools tuition can also be accommodated
*I do not master anything recorded here. In truth, I never think it's a great idea to master in the same studio you record in. It's much better to get a different perspective. I do, however, have a great relationship with a quality mastering suite, with favourable rates.