Reservoir studios began life as a small affair; like many, i suspect, in the spare bedroom.
As I had been a musician for many years and already had appeared on over twenty albums, I decided to give recording a go for myself. In actual fact, some of those original little 8-track bedroom recordings have subsequently been released - MADAM - IN CASE OF EMERGENCEY (REVEAL), HANNAH ELTON-WALL - COUNTRY GIRL (LOOSE) AND CLARKE COUNTY - WHAT'S KICKIN VOL 1 (STOVE PONY).
However, I quickly outgrew the bedroom and moved to Reservoir Studios v 1.0.1. I invested in more equipment and moved to a flat with a small studio in the basement. Here I recorded several albums, singles and demos, got great results and it was here, over 4 years, that Reservoir Studios established itself as an inviting and creative place to work, despite its limitations. But I got itchy feet again, desperate to improve the quality of the recordings!
Skip to present day:
Reservoir Studios has now moved to a custom built, dedicated studio, with even more new gear. This top class facility opened in February 2010 and boasts an impressive live room (25m2), acoustically treated for 'live' and 'dead' areas; a flexible amp room/vocal booth (8m2) and a large control room (20m2), with angled walls, designed to enable accurate monitoring to help translate mixes in a reflection free zone. There's also a seperate kitchen/chill out area, free parking all set in a cool little mews - not a faceless industrial estate in site!

July 2017 update:

We've been here for over 7 years now, picked up some awards for best album (Danny and the Champions of the World). And have been involved in many critically acclaimed records. The'Reservoir Sound' can be heard on radio stations across the globe. Give me a call and get your records heard!

March 2020 update.

We've taken on a partner! Andy Harwood has joined forces and also brought in a whole load of new gear. Check out our Engineers page to 'meet' Andy!